Torah Home Education MP3s

Practical, thought-provoking, inspiring – this describes our fantastic speakers and the topics they have shared about at the annual Torah Home Education Conference!  Here you will find the only recordings available anywhere in the world that directly address questions and concerns of the Orthodox Jewish community on issues pertaining to home education!  (Speakers are listed alphabetically).

“Minimizing Outsider Syndrome” –  Mrs. Malky Adler (2010)

“The Challenges In Our Yeshivos” – Rabbi Yosef Bentzion Bamberger (2010)  

“The Myth of Socialization” – Mrs. Nechama Cox (2009)  

“Teaching Tefilla (Prayer): More than Technicalities” – Mrs. Yehudis Eagle (2010)

“Homeschooling and Marriage: Stressing or Strengthening?” – Mr. Mort Fertel, author of Marriage Fitness  

“Home Education and the Oral Tradition” – Rabbi Simcha Feuerman (2010)

“Chanoch l’naar al pi darko – What does it mean for us?” – Rabbi Menachem Goldberger (2009)  

“Teaching Chumash with Rashi” – Dr. Russell Jay Hendel (2010)

“When the Torah Directs: ‘And You Shall Teach Them to Your Children’ – Does it really mean what it says?” Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of America’s Real War (2010)

“Life After Homeschooling – How Do Kids Integrate?” – Mrs. Susan Lapin (2010)

“Learning in Their Own Way – Home Education for Different Learning Styles” – Mrs. Chana Lazaroff (2010)

“Strengthing Your Family Through Homeschooling” – Mrs. Rivka Malka Perlman (2009)

“Don’t Break the Bank! Home Education on a Shoestring” – Mrs. Avivah Werner (2010)

“Teaching the Multi-Age Family”  – Mrs. Avivah Werner (2009) **

“Yes, You Can Be Your Child’s Rebbe – Teaching Limudei Kodesh”  – Rabbi Osher Werner , author of Pharoah and the Fabulous Frog Invasion (2009)**

**Both of these talks were re-recorded after the originals were erased.  As a result they are slightly longer than the original workshop, and the sound quality is different (not worse, just different).  Questions responded to are those that were asked in the workshop itself.

Cost:  mp3s (digital files)- $7 each

These recordings are only available as mp3 files; the exception will be at the upcoming Third Annual Torah Home Education Conference on May 29, 2011 in Baltimore, MD, when they will be available for purchase as cds.

(edited to add: these are temporarily unavailable – please email before sending payment to verify that they are available)  To place an order, send payment to via Paypal, and with your order include a list of the files you’re paying for.  An email will be sent to you within 24 hours with all of the files you have chosen.

  1. M Landau
    April 11, 2011 at 1:46 am

    how much mp3s is the total? How can i buy them?

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