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L’shon HaTorah dikduk workbooks

August 19, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve used the L’shon HaTorah workbooks off an on over the years.  I first learned about them from the school my children attending immediately prior to beginning to homeschool.

The workbooks go through learning dikduk thoroughly, without using verses from the chumash.  There are two sets of workbooks; the first is intended for younger children and the second set is for older children.  Workbooks Alef – Hay cover all the skills required to translate Tanach.

Workbooks 1-3 are recommended for junior high students.  There is overlap with the earlier books; Book 1  covers material from aleph and bais in the younger series, plus a bit extra, Book 2 covers gimel & daled in the younger series plus a bit extra; and Book 3 is entirely new material.  Obviously, you can use these books at the pace  that is appropriate for you, so your children can go directly from Book Hay in the younger series to Workbook 1 regardless of age.

These workbooks translate to English, but he also has Yiddish versions.

You can find them at many local Jewish bookstores, but you can also order directly from the author of the series, Rabbi Yehuda Winder. His website is:, and you can contact him if questions come up (I believe his email address and phone number are in the front of the workbooks).  I haven’t spoken with him personally but have heard that he is very pleasant and helpful.


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Free Hebrew lessons

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a site with free language lessons, including Hebrew:

Free is always good!


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